Can Singaporean companies benefit from social media marketing?

First, let’s look at the local media scene.  Ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few.  MediaCorp publishes some 15 local titles, while SPH has some 30 local titles to its stable.  MediaCorp has a monopoly of the five or so free-to-air TV stations (with SPH holding a 20 percent stake).  There are about 13 local radio stations in Singapore: MediaCorp owns 11 while SPH owns two.  Then the newspapers…for English papers, there are four key dailies.  SPH publishes Straits TimesBusiness Times, and afternoon tabloid The New Paper.  MediaCorp publishes the commuter broadsheet TODAY

Anyone who has worked in PR knows the challenges of getting your story heard.  The situation in Singapore is exacerbated by a limited media pool.  And if you’re an SME with limited resources, good luck.

However, with the advent of social media (perhaps a more precise way of describing how new media has evolved into a platform for building and galvanizing social relations), PR professionals now have a way of more directly getting their messages out to their target audiences.  Take blogging as an example.  Small businesses in the United States are already starting to use blogs to reach out to their stakeholders.  The types of businesses run the gamut from the Oregon-based Anne Amie Vineyards, Southern California’s Arcadian Lighting, and Buddy’s Chance, an Austin-based dog training company.

A common question is: Do people take blogs seriously?  Well, according to a Windows Live survey conducted in late 2006 on the MSN Asia portal, half of Internet users in Singapore rate blogs to be as trustworthy as traditional media such as print, radio and television.  Check out the Microsoft news release here and a subsequent news report of it by Singapore’s ChannelNews Asia here.

Given the small media pool and increasingly crowded business environment, perhaps it’s time for Singaporean companies to tap on the new opportunities presented by social media to more directly reach out to their target audiences and build a community surrounding their brand.


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  1. 1 White Fairy May 6, 2007 at 2:39 am

    Just to correct you, there are two more free to air radio stations managed by SAFRA, 883jiaFM ( and power98 ( respectively.

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