Avoiding the MySpace mistake – 8 dos and don’ts for social media marketing

BusinessWeek is one of the most prolific general business periodical I know of when it comes to articles on social media marketing.  While the latest May 8 piece shared some quick tips on helpful (and unhelpful) behavior when trying to market a small business using social networking sites such as MySpace, the principles are applicable across other social media platforms such as blogs and podcasts.

Most useful is the reminder to avoid hard sell.  Nobody wants to surf on to a blog overtly hawking the supposedly latest-and-greatest ware, nor are people interested in tuning in to a podcast droning endlessly about the matchless virtue of a product. 

 This is linked to what I think is the next most important point, i.e. participating in social media is about giving, not taking.  Of course, marketers and public relations professionals in a business environment have bottomline imperatives and are not expected to be doling out advice and tips with no clear objective.  But part of being in a conversation means listening, acknowledging, and contributing.  And when you establish yourself as a credible, constructive voice, your messages will be received with greater receptivity and you’ll find that the community is more reciprocal when you have a conundrum that could benefit from more brain waves. 

And of course, along the way, you establish valuable contacts and grow a community that is actively paying heed to what you have to say about trends and developments in your industry, adding to your brand value and reputation. 

Click here for the BusinessWeek article (or here for the print-ready version).


2 Responses to “Avoiding the MySpace mistake – 8 dos and don’ts for social media marketing”

  1. 1 Kim May 9, 2007 at 8:13 am

    Thank you for the nice post.

  2. 2 Walter May 9, 2007 at 2:46 pm

    Hey David is that you? Thanks for linking to me! Now you know all my deep dark secrets…. LOL!

    BTW, let me know if you wish to know more PR bloggers. And I errr hmmm…. got ranked no.9 recently amongst independent PR bloggers in the world (haha)… well according to this blogger here.

    Have fun!

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