PRSA International Conference 2007 – Snap Observations

The Public Relations Society of America International Conference 2007 was a fruitful experience.  Some general observations:

  • There is a strong sense of the profession and professional pride by American communicators.
  • Putting traditional media under pressure while opening up new channels of communications, new media is shaking up the profession in the U.S., just as it is doing in Singapore.
  • American corporations seem bolder in their use of new media as a communications tool.  While some could say that the Singapore government has more at stake and hence the need to be more cautious, many of these companies–Xerox, Dell, Blockbuster, the Consumer Electronics Association, and even the U.S. State Department–have plenty at stake too but having made their calculations, they moved in.
  • The Silver Anvil Award case studies invariably featured programs that married traditional media relations with new media outreach.

Some pictures from the conference.

Glitz and glamour leading up to the opening address.

Actress-turned-activist Mia Farrow issuing a compelling call-to-action on the Darfur genocide.  Find out more about her urgent message and what you can do at

NBC anchor Tim Russert talks about the poisonous environment in Washington D.C.  and lessons he learned from his father.

Karen Hughes, Under Secretary of State discussing the America’s public diplomacy efforts (she has since announced that she will be stepping down from her post and will return to Texas).

The standing-room only Virgina Tech case study presentation.

The PRSA celebrates its 60th anniversary in a richly-programmed and well-executed conference.  It has much to be proud of.


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