Google Singapore Marketing Briefing

I attended a Google Singapore marketing briefing earlier this week.  Located at the upper floors of the M Hotel in the CBD, it featured an analyst from Hitwise as well as Google’s Asia Pacific and Latin America VP Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, with an ensuing panel discussion.


The Hitwise presentation confirmed that social networking sites were on the rise, and this was corroborated by Google’s subsequent presentation showing that consumers tend to trust opinions from those whom they perceive as peers. 

In the travel vertical, I was not surprised to learn that Trip Advisor has pipped Asia Rooms to become Singaporeans’ preferred travel portal.  Trip Advisor features vetted user reviews as the key attraction of its website, with the purveying of tickets and reservations almost as incidental.  I have contributed several hotel reviews there.  Asia Rooms on the other hand, pushes its sales, with reviews incorporated in an almost by-the-way, unintuitive fashion.  There is a lesson to be learned there.

Google also handed out some nifty postcard sized tips.  I’ll share one set.

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Business Online

#1: Make sure people searching on Google find you easily (more info at

#2: Use AdWords starter Edition and Business Pages (more info at

#3: Improve your website and convert more visitors to a sale (more info at

#4: Earn money from relevant ads on your websites (more info at


1 Response to “Google Singapore Marketing Briefing”

  1. 1 Jason Ho November 19, 2007 at 4:16 am

    Bro Dav, I agree with you on the Trip Advisor and Asia Rooms man. These are two sites me and gf will visit very regularly when planning our trips. Result? Wonderful…just wonderful… 😉

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