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Singapore2010 – New media to be extensively used in Youth Olympics 2010

Perhaps in recognition of the power of social media to transcend national and geographical boundaries as well as its ability to generate awareness and build excitement, the organizing committee behind Singapore’s successful bid to host the inaugural Youth Olympics in 2010 announced that new media will be extensively used. 

This is what the Straits Times–the country’s state paper–said: “The new media platform will be extensively used to reach out to youths worldwide by developing youth communities and strengthening the connections between young people even before the YOG begins.” (Feb 21, 2008, ST)

Check out the following 2010 social media sites:




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YouTube PR – Case of the NUS Math Undergrad

I was just talking about viral videos in Singapore so far coming from “guerilla,” ground-up sources while corporations here have yet to figure out how to harness its communications potential. 

Blogscape highlighted the case of Donovan Lee, an undergraduate from the National University of Singapore who, disappointed that his stellar results failed to gain him entry into an Ivy League school, decided to showcase his Mathematical prowess through a series of YouTube clips.  From the plaudits left on his videos, he has clearly gained a following, not to mention an unusual, innovative portfolio of work.  More relevant to this blog, Lee may offer some lessons on a YouTube clip can be successful.  He does not resort to slapstick or spoof.  Earnest, engaging, and just slightly amateurish (classroom is a white board propped up in his Bishan flat bedroom–but it does help boost his sense of authenticity), he explains arcane Mathematical concepts with an unfailing smile and ease.  More importantly, his viewers clearly think he is offering value and making contributions to their knowledge.

Way to go, Donny.  Is the Ministry of Education watching?

Social media trends for 2008 by Kami Huyse

‘Tis the season for predictions, and there are many.  But one of the most succint and reflective that I’ve come across is one by San Antonio based new media PR practitioner and blogger Kami Huyse.  Read her post here

On the first trend of the rise of viral videos, I’d have to say that Singapore has had its share.  Most of them, however, have been by “citizen journalists” making social commentary.  On the side of the corporates, the most notorious was the MDA “senior management rap” (an oxymoron, if you ask me).  By and large, companies here have not caught on to this trend.  In fact, when famed British 3D street artist Julian Beever was in Singapore last year at the expense of Nokia, the Singapore office failed to leverage on a new media video campaign to boost the reach of its PR program, unlike Aveeno, whose YouTube campaign garnered significant attention (read my earlier observations here).


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