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The Future of Marketing

Please check out Walter’s recent post on his participation at Verge (OgilvyOne’s Digital Summit). He shares key learnings from Jessica Greenwood’s presentation, which outlined some incisive observations about where marketing is going. One trend is clear, integrated marketing communications campaigns–both horizontal and lateral integration–are the way forward to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace and get the attention of jaded consumers.


Synovate Young Asians Survey 2008

Synovate  is into its third year conducting the Young Asians Survey, a 11-market study spanning the media consumption, purchase habits, attitudes, favorite brand and heroes.  I thought it was interesting that, according to the survey, “the biggest media junkies can be found in Malaysia (12.9 hours a day), Thailand (12.8) and Hong Kong (12.2). This covers time spent on the internet, watching TV or DVD/VCD/videos, reading newspapers or magazines and listening to the radio.”

The HK press release can be accessed here.

The Singapore survey fact sheet can be accessed here.

If anyone has a fuller report, I’d love to see it!

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